Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Test Packing

While my trip is several months away yet, I have created a packing list and have started making sure I have all the necessary items.  I don't want to be scrambling a week before the trip to find something because I failed to prepare.  Yes, in case you are wondering, I was a Girl Scout!

My luggage for this trip is limited to a 33 pound soft sided bag and a 13 pound carry on.  This is due to the small plane that will be transporting me from Johannesburg to the two different tented camps that I will be calling home.

I purchased a duffle which will be perfect for the trip.  This past week I ordered a set of these packing cubes. 

The cubes arrived this week and I immediately went to the closet and did a test pack in the cubes and weighed my bag.  First of all the packing cubes are great!  I wish I had known about them and had them for my prior travels.  For this trip in particular, they will keep my duffle organized.  Once at the camps, I can pull them out and put then in the drawers for my stay and easily pack them back into the duffle when I move properties and again when it's time to head home.  

The other good news is that I weighed the duffle and it was only a little over 13 pounds!  Whew, I was sweating the 33 pound limitation.  The limitation of 13 pounds for the carry on, will require me to shift some things to the duffle to meet the limits, but I'm confident it is doable!

I believe I have the clothing portion of the packing list nailed.  Today I found this coat at Bass Pro Shops that will be suitable for the trip and can easily accommodate layers.  I'll be traveling in winter so it will be pretty chilly in the morning and evenings with warmer temperatures during the days.  

I still need to work on the electronics, chargers, camera gear, first aid kit, and toiletries portion of my packing list.   Once I get it all together I'll share my complete packing list and most likely report on what I overpacked when I return.

....dreaming of Africa!

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